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I know people have been building ’em for a year or two now but I really like the rise in popularity of the J series V6 swaps into the Integras and Civics. I think it’s the next big thing performance-wise for the Honda scene, the K-swap has become almost common-place (except in NZ of course) and stale. There is still the stigma of weight attached to the J series but that same stigma stuck to the H series swap for many years until people realised that the weight penalty was minimal at best. My thought would be that with those two extra cylinders and the much larger engine that perhaps this time the weight criticisms are a bit closer to the truth but the massive amount of performance available from a 3.0l/3.2l V6 is definately worth it to me.

Can’t wait till the innovative American builders start experimenting with 3.5l and 3.7l or even forced induction…..



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  1. J swaps ARE the next big swap “thang” for the Honda community. It’s def. a cool swap, but I don’t like how it sticks out the hood. Maybe if someone makes low engine mounts and make’em fit under the hood, then I’ll like’em more.

    • This particular car had this engine cover and/or intake manifold replaced with a different item (I don’t know the exact details) but as it sits the bonnet closes fine.

  2. what lip is that? and wheels, lugs to.

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