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If you guys haven’t already, you really should check out Noah’s blog, he posts a cool cornucopia of cars with a slight bent towards those bearing the H badge, as befitting the title of his blog. He’s also a dedicated guy, raising money for a friend in need by selling stickers. He also keeps linking to me so it’s only fair that I return the favour 🙂

Oh, and check out this for some engine porn. New Zealands original 4 rotor RX7, it has been terrorizing local drag strips for, must be, close to 10 years now. I saw this thing run in person a few years back in its previous red guise and to hear it is such an experience, one of the closest things to a F1 car I have ever heard and for that sonorous noise to come from something completely ROAD LEGAL is just amazing.

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  1. Oh wow man, thanks! Your blog is like what mine wants to be when it grows up 🙂 I’ve seen some clips of that RX I can only imagine what it sounds like live and in person, not a song you could easily forget !

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