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It’s been maybe a day since I’ve posted an MX5. So here’s a special one.

Just off on a slight tangent here, I think Mazda should have built a rotary MX5 straight from the factory. As far as I can recall the MX5 is the only RWD sports car that Mazda have ever built that didn’t come in a rotary guise. I’m not neccessarily saying that Mazda should have only built the MX5 with a rotary engine, but as an option alongside the petrol engine I think it could certainly have succeeded.

The naturally aspirated 13B was still being used in the RX7 when the MX5 was first released, the 160bhp EFI 13B from the series 5 RX7 would have slotted into the engine bay with relative ease and would have given the MX5 the extra grunt that it could always handle without overpowering it. Plus, it would have provided an interesting alternative to the 4 cylinder competitors of the MX5.

Now if that wasn’t a missed opportunity I don’t know what is.


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  1. well maybe there intension was to leave that part for us guys to experiment with them 🙂 almost seems like it was always ment for the tuning/drift crazy scene so maybe thats what they thought

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