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Like pretty much anyone with an internets and a love of cars, I spend a decent chunk of time checking out the various forum and blogs out there for inspiration and just to see some seriously tasty motors. As time passes I’ll throw up some links to my fav haunts but for today, here’s a few cool blogs to peruse.

Starting locally we have A Beeoneoneoh Perspective. For starters, blogger Chris rolls in what is probably NZs lowest (therefore, best) Datsun 1200 ute and his blog posts include all kinds of Jtin, with a focus on the greatest Japanese marque of all, Datsun + Nissan and a shedload of 13 and 14 x wide JDM unobtanium wheels. Plus, he’s pretty skilled behind a camera so there’s some mean photography on display.

Also sticking in NZ is Retro Classics, pre-90s love for cars worldwide. Maybe a bias towards Japanese cars but that’s no bad thing. Go here for an excellent source of info on the Nissan Skyline and the Prince Skyline. Michael, the editor of the blog not only has a Datsun 240K but also a 1963 Prince Skyline Super so he’s well qualified to ramble on about anything Skyline. One contributor to the site, Ed, has a very enviable 80s car collection including two R30 “Iron Mask” Skylines RS-Xs (one sedan, one coupe), a Series 3 Mazda RX7 12A Turbo, a supercharged AW11 MR2 and multiple Japanese Import (!) Ford Laser turbos! Lucky guy.

Across the ditch to Aus, the Build Threads blog. Subtitled, Dedicated to the art of the Build Thread, Anth posts up coverage of the best builds around the world, hot rods, vdubs, dedicated track cars, take your pick. He gets extra bonus points because he owns a Datsun 1600 with an FJ20ET swap + all sorts of other goodies and he keeps us all updated his progress.

Ch-ch-check em out.


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